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Whether it´s an article or editorial, we will like to share every publication that mentions Lace and Tulle out there. It makes us very proud to be featured in any newspaper, magazine or on the web!

If you are interested in some of our dresses or accessories to be featured in a publication, please contact us at info@lacetulle.com and ask for any material you may be needing. We open our doors happily to continuously collaborate with the press.

KARLA SOUZA, Portada mayo 2016 ANNETTE MICHEL, Glow Mayo 201 REGINA BLANDON, Premios Estilo DF Dic 2015 AISLINN DERBEZ, Portada Caras Nov 2015 XIMENA HERRERA, Premios Fenix Nov 2015 REGINA BLANDÓN, Premios GQ Nov 2015 PAULINA GIACOMÁN, Quien Dic 2015 ADRIANA LOUVIER, Estilo DF Nov 2015