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June 22nd, 2017
by Jimena de la Peza

If you have bought a foundation before (and I?m guessing you have), you must be familiar with the frustrating feeling that the color of it doesn?t match your skin tone, and you are probably right. Many women buy their foundation by guessing which color will fit them or by trying it on their actual face and seeing if it matches. Want to know something? Both of these methods are wrong. The color of your foundation should be based on two things: your skin undertone and how it blends in your neck. It?s really important to know whether you have a  cool or a warm skin undertone because it will help you identify which colors look best on you regarding clothes, makeup, accessories, lipstick, etc. To determine your skin tone look at the veins on your wrists, if they look bluish you have a cool undertone and if they?re more on the green side you have a warm undertone. Almost every makeup brand have different foundations for warm and cool skin tones even if they are of the same hue. After you find a foundation for your skin undertone that you think will fit try blending it in your neck, not your face. The color of your face is constantly changing due to sun, redness, or discoloration, so it?s a safer bet to try it on your neck and ensure that you?ll always look even. If the foundation you chose disappears completely into your neck when you blend it, then congratulations! You?ve found the perfect color match and you won?t have to worry about looking too pale or too tan anymore. After all, who wants to look like they?re wearing a mask?