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June 22nd, 2017
by Jimena de la Peza

Are you having one of those days in which you?re so tired and bored of your hair that you just want to rip it all off? We know everyone loves their long beach wavy hair in the summer and that?s why the fall is the best time to get a makeover and experiment with different hairstyles. You have enough time to grow it back! Hair is an accessory as well, and you can compliment your dark winter clothes and jackets with a brand new hairstyle. These are some things you can do to achieve a fun, edgy look that?s perfect for the cold:

Chop it off! Bobs and shoulder length hair are perfect looks for the winter, plus it?s an opportunity to get rid of all your damaged hair.

Go dark, and I mean really dark! Deep browns and black hair colors will help accentuate features making you edgy and sharp, specially if you have fair skin.

If you?re looking for a change but you don?t want to be too drastic you should cut some bangs. This hairstyle is the chicest of the chic and makes everyone look polished and amazing.

This one is for the bold, the really, really bold. How does silver blonde hair sounds? It?s not for everyone but those who can pull it off are the edgiest, most sophisticated women out there. So, which hairstyle will you be rocking this winter?